This is my next summer clothing choices. The shorts are the main thing I liked so I though I’d make an outfit around that. Since the shorts are floral, I couldn’t have anything else floral because it would look too much. Therefore I decided a plain white tank top along with plain nude flat shoes. This is definitely one of my summer favourites! I’m not normally a fan of next because I can never seem to find the things I want but that might just be the shops I go into, the website however has a hugs range of things!




The whole outfit costs £46.50

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~Summer outfit~

The dress above is from forever21 and I think it’s super cute! It’s so summery and I would definitely wear it. The headband is from top shop and it’s so nice and I would wear it with beach wave hair (To get this hair you need to put it in 2 plaits overnight and when you wake up you don’t brush it because it will go really frizzy!) Then there is the shoes, also from topshop, I love the range of items in that shop! I can go in for ages before I have to leave! I think the shoes are so cute and really girly, depending on what you wear them with since some things they will not go with! I will leave the links and prices below!



If you want the whole outfit it would cost £69.50

Thankyou guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!